Steps in Making a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a general plan that has everything you should know for you to promote your business successfully. Many business owners realize how important it is to have a business plan but fail to come up with a marketing plan. A marketing plan is mainly focused on gaining and retaining customers. The right marketing plan for your company will help you achieve most of your sales goals. Outlined below are a few steps in creating a marketing plan.


Step 1: Situation analysis


This first step includes a definition of your company and the products and services offered in it. It should also describe ways in which you will stay ahead of your competition by providing benefits to customers.


In this section, you should carry out a SWOT analysis for your business. This will show the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Additionally, viable opportunities and possible threats that would hinder growth will be analyzed here.


Step 2: Target Audience


You probably have heard of the phrase ‘target audience’ being used over and over in your marketing class. It is one of the major elements in coming up with the most effective marketing strategies.


In this step, you should make a detailed list of your ideal customer. If you’re targeting a very specific population like those with Rh negative health issues, then it helps you focus on the best approach. It should include information such as age, gender, behavior, and decisions. This will guide you when creating public campaigns to promote your business.


Step 3: Create marketing goals


Come up with a simple list that shows your marketing goals. Write down what you want to achieve by the end of the year. These goals should be measurable so that you can rate your progress at specific intervals. It will give you a rough idea of how your products or services are performing in the market. If you will not have met most of your annual targets, you can change your marketing strategies to increase sales early enough.


Step 4: Develop Strategies and tactics you will make use of


Once you have already outlined your goals, the next step is to create the strategies that you will use. These strategies will be essential in helping you achieve your objectives. It is advisable that you indicate strategies for every goal that you have outlined. This will help you see what you require to work towards accomplishing your goals. It is also a way to readjust your goals since some may be a bit unrealistic. Your goals should motivate you and not so hard to achieve to avoid discouragements along the way.


An excellent marketing plan should include the different types of advertising you will make use of to promote your business. Study your market carefully which will help you in determining the best way to capture their attention.


Step 5: Create a marketing budget


This is an essential part of a marketing plan. You need to have spend just the right amount of money when promoting your business. Your budget should not be too high or too low. It should be enough to make an impact on your potential customers. Depending on your strategies in the previous step, you will have the ability to come up with the best costs for your advertisements. Compare several advertising companies and select one that is perfect for your business.


A marketing plan can make all the difference when it comes to business achievements if it is successful. It will help you remain focused. Create a marketing plan that works for your business.